The Zone Technique is a form of healing designed to balance your brain and align your spine so that your body can function at its best. Picture your body like a complex electrical system, and think of your brain as the circuit breaker that controls all the wires (nerves) going to the rest of your body.

Six points along the superior nuchal line of the skull correspond to these six health zones that control the six major organ systems of your body. The human brain has six centers that form in the embryonic stage of development that are responsible for maintaining your health.  The Zone Technique is based on the founder, Dr. Fleet’s premise that the brain needs to be sending the body the proper signal in order for the body to be balanced and healthy. These six organ systems that control your body are:

  1. The Gladular System: Zone 1
  2. The Eliminative System: Zone 2
  3. The Nervous System: Zone 3
  4. The Digestive System: Zone 4
  5. The Muscular System: Zone 5
  6. The Circulatory System: Zone 6

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