July 11, 2019

Whole Veterans Act

whole Veterans Act

Have you heard about the most recent bill passed by the VA? It’s called the Whole Veteran Act. What I love about the title of this bill is the word “whole.” In the past, the VA has not treated the “whole” person: mind, body, soul. With this new bill, the VA has finally recognized that there is a national public health crisis that needs to be addressed by early interventions in mental healthcare. This will allow congress to do a better job in providing our veterans with the mental health resources and tools needed to get on the path to recovery.

 “Physical, emotional, and mental health needs are all interconnected, and it is essential that Whole Health programs and treatments focus on the whole veteran instead of concentrating on an isolated condition,” said Representative Conor Lamb. Twenty veterans die by suicide every day. This is unacceptable.“If we’re serious about reducing veteran suicide, we must provide veterans access to programs that promote overall mental health and wellness,” said House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Chairman Mark Takano (CA-41).  “That’s why I’m proud to support Congressman Lamb’s bill that will ensure VA’s holistic health care programming is available and accessible for our veterans regardless of where they live.”

Services covered by this act include:

  • massage

  • chiropractic

  • acupuncture

  • guided imagery

  • meditation

  • yoga

  • equine services

  • whole health clinician services

  • other holistic treatments

If you or a loved one is interested in receiving chiropractic services from Moore Life Health and Healing please follow the steps provided below:

1) Schedule your visit at the VA clinic with your primary care doctor.

2) Request authorization to see Dr. Ryan Moore at Moore Life Health and Healing.

3) VA doctor will grant the authorization.

4) The VA will contact Moore Life Health and Healing to schedule your first visit.

We look forward to helping you and your family achieve Moore health and healing.