“After a car accident, I was having almost daily migraines. I tried working with a neurologist and had expensive Botox treatments and prescriptions. Then I found Life Chiropractic. I worked with Dr. Ryan and he is a delight. Always open to feedback and just helps you to feel better. Through the adjustments I had with Dr. Ryan I am experiencing a huge decrease in headaches and migraines. Thanks Dr. Ryan!”

– Sarah W

“Dr. Ryan is amazing. Came in with breathing issues and no doctor was able to help. Dr. Ryan took a lot of time to talk about everything and to really understand what was going on. Already after the first adjustment my lungs just opened up and I was finally able to breath again. It felt like magic – just real! Great and very welcoming, friendly team! Thank you!”

– Val A.

“Dr. Al is amazing! As a doula I recommend her to all of my pregnant clients. She helps bring your body into balance, which can help facilitate an easier birth. Personally she has helped me with rib issues I have been having and so much more.”

– Tammy V.

“I love how Dr. Al spends time with her patients and listens to their complaints. She clearly values her patients and their knowledge of their own bodies.”

– Gale B.

“Dr. Al helped me so much with my sciatica during pregnancy. Not only was she concerned with myself but also baby and his/her positioning. I will definitely being seeing her for a home visit once baby arrives.”

– Morgan H.

“Dr Ry is fantastic and very knowledgeable and caring. He explains what he is doing and why this should help my issues. I had severe muscle spasms and leg cramps several times a night. After 2 treatments I was extremely improved. Now I am more likely to sleep through the night without muscle spasms. He is also helping me with breathing issues and a stiff neck and getting my arthritic joints throughout my body back into alignment.”

– Jeanne B.