June 3, 2021

June is Men’s Health Month

Men's Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month and the month that hosts Father’s Day. So, in observance of men everywhere, and the men we love, here is a list of our favorite things to help the men we know to stay healthy.

Vitamins For Men’s Health

Vitamin D –  keeps your immune system strong and helps your body absorb calcium. Good sources: milk and fatty fish

Folate – You need folate to use protein, make DNA, and form healthy red blood cells. Good sources: spinach, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, beans, nuts, and liver.

Calcium –  Supports healthy muscles, nerves, and bones. Good sources: milk; yogurt; cheese; canned salmon and sardines with soft, edible bones; dark green leafy vegetables; and calcium-fortified cereals and juices.

Vitamin C – Lower risk for problems associated with the prostate, including enlargement of the prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia.  Good sources: green and red peppers, kiwifruit, oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, potatoes, tomatoes, and broccoli.

Potassium – Helps combat the blood pressure raising effects of sodium. Good sources: spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, melon, prunes, raisins, oranges, bananas, milk, yogurt, and tuna.

Vitamin A – Supports healthy eyes, boosts your immune system, and may lower your risk for prostate cancer. Good sources of vitamin A: milk, cheese, salmon, broccoli, carrots, green leafy vegetables, squash, cantaloupe, mangoes, and apricots.

Magnesium – Supports healthy muscles, nerves, and bones, and may boost your immune system and prevent heart disease. Good sources: spinach and other green leafy vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, and seeds.

Zinc – Helps make proteins throughout the body, fights infection, and heals wounds. Good sources: red meat, seafood (especially oysters), and poultry.

Team Sports & Friends

Men need their friends just as much as women do, even though their friendships might look different. Spending time with your friends doing an activity that you enjoy is so good for your mental and physical health. Here are some great ways to do both:

Join a rec team – slow pitch softball, soccer, kickball, golf league, bowling, and more.

Go Fishing – whether it’s big lake/deep sea fishing or just a peaceful trout stream, get out and enjoy nature with the guys

Guy’s Weekend – go camping, deer camp, skiing, or just hang by the lake. Getting away with your friends a few times a year is something everyone should do.

Host a BBQ – Grab some friends, some drinks, and grill some delicious and healthy and food.

Get Regular Check-Ups

Everyone, regardless of gender, should see their doctor regularly. If you haven’t been to the doctor in the last year, now is a great time to make an appointment. Maintaining your health and catching issues as early as possible is key to living a long, healthy life.

Regular Chiropractic Appointments will keep you in top shape, as well. Especially if you’ve recently joined a sports team or are participating in more physical activity than usual. Lower back pain is so common many of us tend to accept it is part of getting older. However, that does not have to be the case.

Make an appointment today and start feeling your best and performing your best! Contact Moore Life Health today. 

Stand Up Desk

Adding a stand-up desk to your workstation can improve your overall health in many ways. Experts advise standing 15-30 minutes of every hour you are at your desk. Here are some ways this can help you:

  • Standing Lowers Your Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity.
  • Using a Standing Desk May Lower Blood Sugar Levels.
  • Standing May Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease.
  • Standing Desks Appear to Reduce Back Pain.
  • Standing Desks Help Improve Mood and Energy Levels.
  • Standing Desks May Even Boost Productivity.

Reproductive Health

Nutrition can play a vital role in ensuring male fertility. D-aspartic acid is an amino acid naturally present in the male body, but when deficient is a contributing factor to male infertility. Local grass-fed organic meat is your best food source for D-aspartic acid, but if you need a plant food source go with sprouted grains or organic vegetables.

How are you going to improve your health this month?

We want to hear your ideas. What can we help you with this month?

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