May 16, 2019

How to protect your skin AND the ocean this summer

protect your skin

It’s time to talk about keeping our skin safe from those powerful rays. We all know that sun has damaging effects to the skin (more people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year than all other cancers combined) but did you know that an estimated 90% of the signs of aging are caused by the sun?! So not only does the sun have an effect on our skin’s health but it also makes us look older faster! Do not fret though, I have some amazing safe sunscreens to share with you.

What do I mean by the term “safe” sunscreen. First, let’s talk about chemical vs. mineral sunscreens. Chemical sunscreens absorb the sun’s UV energy and release it back into the air as heat. The vast majority of sunscreens on the market contain chemical sunscreen ingredients like avobenzone, oxybenzone or octocrylene. Mineral sunscreens on the other hand use particles like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that sit on the surface of the skin and scatter or reflect the sun’s rays away from the skin. Mineral sunscreens are great for people with sensitive skin or anyone who doesn’t want toxic chemicals floating through their bloodstream. Not only are mineral sunscreens safer for our skin, they are safer for our oceans. In May 2018, Hawaii passed a law prohibiting the sale of sunscreens made with oxybenzone and octinoxate (chemical sunscreens) because of the devastating effects they were having on the coral reef. If these chemicals can kill the coral reef just think about what they are doing inside our bodies.

 If you are looking for an awesome mineral sunscreen check out these. My favorite is the Mineral Sunscreen Mist. It goes on easily and doesn’t irritate my skin. Happy sunning!