Do you have good Sleep Hygiene?

Let’s face it. Sleep is typically one of the last things we prioritize. With all the school events, kid’s practices, appointments, workshops, fitness classes, grocery shopping…the list goes on and on! It’s all we can do to just get 5 hours of sleep, let alone 8! But we all know […]

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Natural Ways to Combat Seasonal Allergies

ACHOOO!!!! Sniff. Sniff. “Are you sick?” “No, it’s just allergies.” While this is a typical response that means, “Don’t worry, I am not contagious,” anyone with allergies knows seasonal allergies are no joke. It’s hard to breath, our eyes are red and itchy, and even though they make us tired, […]

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Why a detox can boost your immune system

With the start of a new season, the best way to boost your immune system and keep those allergies at bay is with a healthy detox. But what does it mean to “detox”? This word can take on a whole host of meanings. To me it means nourishing and supporting […]

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What you need to know about concussions

As summer begins to wind down, the days become shorter, children start getting excited to start a new school year, and the first thing I think about is FOOTBALL! The second thing I think about is….concussions. With more and more young people playing contact sports, the concussion rates among student […]

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Whole Veterans Act

Have you heard about the most recent bill passed by the VA? It’s called the Whole Veteran Act. What I love about the title of this bill is the word “whole.” In the past, the VA has not treated the “whole” person: mind, body, soul. With this new bill, the […]

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