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Zone 1: The Glandular System

What are the “Zones” and how do they work? Dr. Thurman Fleet taught the following – “there are only six kinds of disturbances that can affect the human body. These are GLANDULAR, ELIMINATIVE, NERVOUS, DIGESTIVE, MUSCULAR, and CIRCULATORY. All diseased conditions, aches and pains, and other discomforts experienced by the body can be attributed to […]
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Common Reasons for a Newborn to See a Chiropractor

Birth is amazing. It is life changing. It is also traumatic. Even when everything goes right. Especially if the process wasn’t ideal. Birth affects everyone involved: the mother, the baby, the other parent, and the people waiting to welcome the new life into their world. Let’s look at some great reasons for babies to visit […]
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Natural Ways to Combat Seasonal Allergies

ACHOOO!!!! Sniff. Sniff. “Are you sick?” “No, it’s just allergies.” While this is a typical response that means, “Don’t worry, I am not contagious,” anyone with allergies knows seasonal allergies are no joke. It’s hard to breath, our eyes are red and itchy, and even though they make us tired, it can be hard to […]
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